No smoke and mirrors, just vapor.

Is smoking too harsh? Do you want something more discreet? Want an easy on the go solution? Maybe its time to look into a vaporizer. When it comes to vapes there are really two big players in the game; the Pax Era and 510 vaporizers. Each style has its own benefits and its own drawbacks. When it come to selection of cartridges the 510 vapes are more common as they have been the standard. While the Pax selection is still growing they tend to have higher performing cartridges that give you more inhales. As for the vaporizers themselves Pax has a wider range of control in temperatures while most 510’s have very few settings if any. I know you may be asking yourself now which one is right for you. Just like everything else with cannabis your experience is personal and often based on preference. Either way vaporizing removes a lot of hassle from enjoying your session. There is no lingering smoke, it’s less harsh and it’s simple. It may be time to look at a vaporizer.

Our Favorite Brands

Take A Trip And Explore The Back Forty.

One of our most popular options for vape cartridges that works with the 510 vaporizer is Back Forty. This producer located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is all about elevated potency at an unelevated price. Their carts are available in 0.45g and 1g sizes and boast that they only contain two ingredients; cannabis distillate and botanical terpenes for flavor. Currently there is three cartridges available; Super Lemon Haze Sativa, Forbidden Fruit Indica and Kush Mint Hybrid. With a selection like this there is an option for almost anyone.

Hi-Quality, Hi-Value, That’s The Hiway!

Looking for a no-fuss product you can trust? Take a look at Hiway An Ontario grown and cultivated product that is available in both 510 cartridges and Pax pods. One of the great things about Hiway is that they create products that are low price without sacrificing quality. Because of their affordable price and their larger format size they are becoming quite popular. They are currently offering a 1g Fire OG 510 carts as well as a Master Kush and Super Lemon Haze 0.5g Pax pods. Being an affordable option in both it an easy favorite and an awesome way to try out a vaporizer.

To Exponentially Improve The Mundane.

Are you looking for high potency? Do you want a natural flavor. This Vancouver based company that has a name right out of a comic book action bubble is bringing some amazing cartridges for the 510 vaporizer. Even though they may not be super well known, BZAM is using a unique process to ensure a truly tasty experience. While they are only available as 1g carts of Banana Daze and Magic Melon; they are very flavorful and definitely making their mark. There is nothing mundane about the products coming to us from BZAM.

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