Roll on into an easy solution

Are you tired of the work that goes into rolling a joint? Is getting out your grinder, rolling tray, papers, filters and bud taking to much time? It’s time to roll on into an easy solution, pre-rolls are a simple solution for anyone who is looking for a quick grab and go fix. There are different sizes available such as 0.35g joints which are great for personal use as well as 0.5g and 1g joints for larger sessions or sharing. Pre-rolls also come in a variety of package sizes and strains so finding the right fit is never much of a struggle.

Our Favorite Brands

Quality Weed. Everyday Price

All aboard! One of our favorite brands when it comes to pre-rolls is Station House. This St. Thomas, Ontario grown cannabis stands by their motto “Quality Weed. Everyday Price.” At Boondom, we love supporting local and bringing our customers great quality products. Some of the strains they have brought out are Amnesia Haze, OG Kush and Blue Dream. These pre-rolls are machine rolled and hand finished to give a great burn. They come in packs of 6, 12 and 24 half gram joints, so they are definitely convenient. As for the packaging, they are stored in a secure container with a humidity pack to ensure freshness.

Make no mistake, this is Shred not shake

Anyone who has had a chance to come into the store since lockdown should know the name Shred by now. This East Coast grown cannabis has been flying off the shelf and they are now offering a jar of joints. That is right you read that properly a Jar of Joints! Shred has become known as the brand that puts out pre-shredded whole flower with an amazing aroma. They are now taking it one step further and pre-rolling and packing a container of 14 joints for your ease of use. The Tropic Thunder is the first to cross over from their convenient 7g bag to their even easier jar of joints.

Stand for Something!

Representing the west coast of Canada, we have a passionate team that stands for high quality, small batch cannabis. Citizen Stash has quickly become one of our customers favourites. Coming in a 2 pack of 0.5g joints makes it an easy way to try something new or different while still leaving you the opportunity to grab some other products. Also, for any of the raw aficionados out there, Citizen Stash uses raw cones to pack their pre-rolls. This producer grows their cannabis in pesticide free, indoor, small batches and the advantage of doing this allows them to bring some creative strains like Sundae Driver, Stonewall and Sunset Sherbet to name a few.

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