Do you have a sweet tooth?

Sometimes after dinner people want a little something sweet. Why not kick up your treat by trying a cannabis infused edible? Edibles come in many forms and have different potencies. Maybe you are hesitant to smoke and edibles seem like an easy way to get the effects you are looking for. Whatever the reason may be, here at Boondom we have gathered a great collection of cannabis infused treats.

Some Tasty Treats!

Chew on these!

Gummies are probably one of the most popular edibles out on the market. Unfortunately not all edibles are created equally. Don’t worry though we got you covered! We brought in the chews from Wana and they are an awesome option. Not only are they tasty, they are vegan and gluten free. So if you are plant based, gluten sensitive there is still an option for you. Wana also has a wide range of products with different THC and CBD levels so there are gummies for even the most discerning user.

A little sweet, a little salty!

Everyone knows that there are certain things that just pair well; peanut butter and jelly, camping and bonfires, and sweet and salty. Our friends at Bogarts Kitchen brought our a perfect combination of sweet and salty with their salted caramel pretzel bites. Each bite has 5mg of THC and you get two per package. If you think these sound up your alley stop by and grab a few.

Can’t go wrong with Chocolate!

It is hard to beat a nice piece of chocolate! This is something that the folks over at Bhang understands. Each piece of chocolate is scored in 4 pieces which is great if you want a smaller dosage, making it ideal for new users or someone who is canna-curious. Also they are available in a variety of flavors such as cookies and cream, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Some of their selection is also vegan so for all of our plant based friends there are some options for you.

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