Let’s find your best bud!

When it comes to cannabis we have to take time to pay homage to dried flower. This is the most recognized form of cannabis and the industry would not be where we are today without it. Whether you enjoy Indica or Sativa, smoking a joint, a bong or a pipe, dried flower is your best bud! But what to choose is the real question. With a growing selection of growers, there are more options than we can count. Come take a look a learn about some of the Boonie Union’s favorite choices when it comes to dried flower.

Some of our favorite brands

Follow the Sun!

British Columbia is known for its cannabis, the same way Windsor is known for it’s pizza. Because of this it is no surprise that Pure Sunfarms has become a customer favorite. Grown in the beautiful Fraser Valley they have stayed true to providing a great product at a great price. Available in a variety of sizes from a 3.5g all the way to a full ounce this dried flower is hard to beat.

Never shake only Shred!

When it comes to dried flower bag appeal has always been important, but what about value? When it comes to value it is hard to beat Shred. Coming to us from the beautiful east coast Shred has really disrupted the status quo. Shred is pre milled dried flower so it does not get much easier than this. Pick one of their three wonderful 7 gram bags in either their Tropic Thunder, Gnarberry or Funkmaster blends and fill your preferred smoking method and there you go! Once you give this dried flower a try you will see why it flies off the shelves.

A true definition of craft

We know some people are true cannabis connoisseurs and when it comes to providing that high level of quality, OGEN rises above the rest. Recognized by the Ontario Cannabis Store for their craft cannabis program they have met and exceeded the benchmarks for quality dried flower. Available in both 3.5 gram and 1 ounce packages these buds do not disappoint. Using unique and high quality genetics they have brought some fan favorites like Early Glue, Gas Berries and Lemon Z. If you want to check these out head over to our order page to see what’s available.