A higher level of potency

For some cannabis users tolerance can become an issue. Smoking bud may not give that same punch it used to. What is the answer to dealing with this problem? For some it’s smoking more, but for others concentrates is a great option. Concentrates come in many different forms like: Keif, Hash, Rosin, Resin, Shatter and Diamonds to name a few. What makes concentrates so convenient is that because of their nature you do not need a whole lot of it to get a similar effect to smoking. Feel free to check out our shopping page to see what is available in store.

Some of our favorites

A Great Bubble Hash

Hash is an old school classic when it comes to concentrates. Most people are familiar with pressed hash but bubble hash is quite popular as well. Bubble hash uses an ice water extraction and as it name implies it bubbles when burned. Hank bubble hash is a wonderful and versatile option, it can be added to a joint or a bowl as a way to bump up your session or used on its own. This concentrate seems to pair well with just about any bud which is a great way to change up your everyday smoke.

Diamonds! More Than a Girl’s Best Friend.

For those of you out there that want a super flavorful, terpene rich concentrate Diamonds could be for you. Brought to you by our friends over at Kolab the THCA Diamonds are a wonderful concentrate. Using a single strain small batch flower they flash freeze the flower and use a hydrocarbon extraction to result in a yellow crystal like concentrate that is easy to use and highly potent.

Shattering standards.

Shatter tends to be one of the most popular concentrates out on the market. Because of its brittle glass like consistency it is easy to use in many different ways and does not tend to be a sticky mess. If shatter is your concentrate of choice Rad has put out some awesome products. If you are looking for a sativa product give their sour diesel a try and if you are looking for an indica give their pink kush a go!

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