A different kind of sip!

With more canna-curious people than ever before there is more of a demand for options that suit more novice users. Not even wants to or can smoke but many still want to try cannabis. If this sounds like you, cannabis beverages are a unique method to try. There are so many options out on the market ranging from fermented options to tea and sparkling water. At Boondom we have taken the time to carefully curate a great selection of Cannabis beverages for you to choose from.

What’s in the fridge?

A good ol classic

When it comes to beverages, who doesn’t like a cold one? But what if I could tell you that you could enjoy a different kind of buzz? Mollo brings you the taste of your favorite beverage but the effect of cannabis all in a great brown glass bottle. Partnered with Molson Coors to bring you a recognizable taste, and infused with both THC and CBD this cannabis beverage is a great option.

Move over Arnold Palmer

Growing up in Windsor you could go into just about any convenience store and pick up an Arizona Ice Tea. One of their most popular drinks is the Arnold Palmer Lemonade Ice Tea. Well why not enjoy that same beverage but with an adult twist. Summit 10 by A1 Cannabis is the perfect blend of two classic summer time favorites with a 10mg of THC infusion. We highly recommend pouring this cannabis beverage over ice to really bring this drink to the next level.

Tasty and potent

In a market that seems to be flooded with carbonated drinks like sparkling waters and sodas; XMG has tried to stand out from the crowd. XMG delivers a line of high potency cannabis beverages that are non carbonated. Currently their are four flavors of this beverage: watermelon, citrus, mango pineapple and tropical fruit. These beverages can be enjoyed right out of the can, poured over ice or slightly frozen to get an almost slushy like experience.