The non-intoxicating side of Cannabis

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids that you can find in the cannabis plant. Since the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in humans in the late 1980s, over 100 cannabinoids have been found in cannabis. Many of these, like THC, are known to cause the high that everyone is so accustomed to in cannabis – however there is more to the story than that. Some of these cannabinoids have been found to actually be non-intoxicating. The one that is found in the greatest concentrations is CBD.

What To Consider Before Using CBD?

At the store, we are put in a very difficult position when asked about the medical use of cannabis. We are not doctors and should not comment on the use of CBD for medical conditions.

What I can speak on is personal experience. As the owner of the store, I feel that it is my personal responsibility to try products that we carry. I find that CBD does a few different things of benefit. Keep in mind that this is my own personal experience. We always advocate a start low, go slow approach as everyone experiences cannabis differently

CBD Oil is Popular, but There Are More Options

1. It Helps Manage the Effects of THC

I am really sensitive to the effects of THC. I understand that my tolerance is low due to relative infrequent cannabis use. This makes me very sensitive to THC and too much can make me anxious. Using a product that has equal amounts of CBD lets me have a more controllable experience that keeps me in my comfort zone.

2. It IS Psychoactive

In the media, many people confuse the terms non-intoxicating with non-psychoactive. It is important to understand that there is a difference between the two. Non-intoxicating means that it does not cause impairment. It is important to remember though, that CBD = cannabis in the eyes of the law. As a result, you should not drive while using CBD recreationally. Non-psychoactive means that the product does not effect your brain and your perception of the world. This is NOT TRUE. CBD is psychoactive. My experience was a little euphoric and a little focused. Overall, I really like the feeling the I get from CBD, but everyone is different. Start low go slow.

One of My Favs are Drinks

3. It Comes in Many Different Forms

Only recently have licensed producers in Canada been offering more options than oils and capsules. While these are still popular, there are now options that give all of the effect, with a much better experience.

Some of my favorite offerings are beverages. These products are very approachable for customers who are new to cannabis and are looking for something relatable and easy to consume. Also, some of these beverages taste pretty darn good!

If you need some help selecting a CBD product, or want more information about buying legal weed, come talk to the staff at Boondom and we would be glad to help!

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