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Having the right tools in your cannabis arsenal is an absolute must! The right weed grinder is probably the most important tool you should have. When it comes to understanding what makes a good weed grinder there are a few key things to keep in mind. By the time you are done reading this blog you should be able to go out armed with the info needed to buy the best weed grinders in Windsor!

About Weed Grinders:

Why Are Cannabis Grinders So Important?

As we mentioned before a good weed grinder is one of the most important tools you can have in any cannabis setup. But why exactly is it such a good thing to have? A grinder’s purpose is to break down your cannabis nuggets into a finer, easier-to-use product. Well-ground cannabis allows for easier packing of joints but also allows for more evening burning when packed into a bong, pipe or vaporizer. There is not much worse when it comes to smoking cannabis than a joint or bowl that just doesn’t want to seem to burn or that burns unevenly and a good grinder can absolutely help with that problem.

Why Are There So Many Kinds of Grinders for Cannabis?

If you have ever been in a headshop (cannabis accessory store) or most dispensaries there are always a ton of different cannabis grinders. They can range in size, shape and material. They can be electric or manual as well as having different numbers of compartments or features.  Just like cannabis users, no two are really the same and everyone will have their preference. However, there seem to be some very common trends in what people look for in a grinder. Most people tend to want a grinder with good metal teeth to make busting up those buds easier. Also, most people tend to like having a multi-level grinder. Having a grinder with multiple levels makes it easier to retrieve or store your ground-up marijuana and some even have a screen to separate your kief from your flower. At the end of the day, there really is no right or wrong because the entire cannabis experience is so personal.

How Do I Use a Grinder?

I know this may seem like a very simple concept to some but let’s also keep in mind that the legal cannabis industry is pretty new so there are some of us out there that can really use this kind of information, we were all new to this at some point. Like we have said before, a cannabis grinder is one of the greatest tools in your arsenal. 

Let’s talk about the process of using a grinder properly, for this example, this really applies to most styles of grinders out there either single compartment or multiple.

  1. Start off by taking off the top lid to expose the teeth of the grinder. Now take your cannabis flower and break it up a little bit with your fingers so that the pieces fit better into the grinder. Personally, I break mine up to fit inside the teeth but you can leave them a bit larger.
  2. Then place the top back on the flower and push down to close it.
  3. Twisting the base and top in alternate directions will break up your bud to a nice even consistency. If you are using a single compartment grinder you will now open it up and dump out your ground cannabis from your grinder onto a rolling tray or stash jar to use at your convenience. If you are using a multiple-level cannabis grinder your bud will pass through a series of small holes and be deposited into a storage level for you to easily grab and use as you please. 

That is basically it for using a standard grinder some can be a little different but the key concept is usually the same.

Most Popular Weed Grinders in Windsor

Grinder Cards, Your Most Portable Solution!

This may be one of the more unique options out there but it is the most portable option for busting up your cannabis on the go. I personally have one in my bag at all times. The Sindicate V Grinder Card is very much like a cheese grater for weed. It is the size of a regular credit card so it can even fit in your wallet. With its sharp metal grinding surface you simply shred your nugs by sliding them back and forward on the card. I find it is best to have a rolling tray or a small storage container to shred your bud into. It is cost effective, discreet and easy to take on the go but just be careful of your finger tips when grinding the cannabis.

With Teeth Like A Piranha!

Probably our most popular grinder in Windsor, the Piranha Grinder stands out among the rest! With a durable heavy construction this multi level grinder has been a best seller at Boondom ever since we opened. Tough durable metal teeth, a large compartment to store your ground cannabis or smaller (but still hefty) compartment with a built-in kief collector makes this our favourite grinder to sell. We try to make sure we always have these bad boys in stock at all locations for your convenience.

Nothing Is Cooler Than “Ottomatic”!

Now, this grinder is a little harder to find but is definitely the coolest grinder you can get your hands on in Windsor. Made by Banana Bros the OG OTTO is one cool piece of cannabis tech. It is a top-of-the-line electric grinder that has an attachment to fill cones with your freshly ground cannabis! This thing is super cool and makes for an awesome conversation piece so if you are a true cannabis connoisseur who loves their tech this just might be the piece for you. If you want to see a video of how cool this grinder is check out this video on Youtube. 

We Hate To Bring Things To A Grinding Halt.

Now that we have gone over what grinders are, what makes a good grinder and what are some of the best grinders in Windsor I think you are ready and informed. I hope that you were able to take something away from this, whether it be some knowledge or maybe I piqued your interest in a new kind of grinder. So until next time, for all your cannabis needs and to find the best grinders in Windsor come by Boondom or check us out on our website. If you’d like more information about cannabis products, we have some information about cannabis chocolate, vape pens, pre rolls and more – check out our blog!