Vaping in Windsor and all cities is becoming popular. It is one of the fastest growing forms of cannabis consumption, but for many customers, this is all new. Why is vaping in Windsor becoming so popular? Who would it best suit? Here are 4 reasons why you may consider a vape.

The pax is one of the most popular vape brands
You can vape anywhere

1. You Want an Alternative to Smoking

Long term cannabis use can have an effect on lung health. Weed is resinous in all the right and wrong ways. Many customers choose a vape because they find that the experience is more comfortable to inhale than smoking a joint.

2. You Want a More Portable Options

Everyone is busy these days. Carting kids around, work schedules, walking the dog, we get it, life can get crazy. It is easy to throw a vape in Windsor, throw it in your pocket or purse and off you go!

3. You Don’t Like to Smell like Weed

Sometimes you just don’t want to smell like weed. It’s that simple. Since vape pens use distillate (an oil infused with a pure THC extract) and is used at a lower temperature than smoking, the smell is much different. Also it doesn’t linger! Maybe 5-10 seconds after exhaling and then it disappears. Not like that cake you burnt when you thought that cake recipe you saw on buzzfeed looked so easy. You know who you are.

4. There are MANY Flavor Options

Like flower, there are many options with to vape in Windsor. Whether you are looking for something fruity, floral, sweet or piney there is an option out there. Regardless of what your flavor preferences are, there is one that will tickle your fancy. Want to check out all the options? Check out our online menu to see all the