Vape pens can be a great tool to add to your cannabis arsenal, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. In this guide, we dive into everything you need to know about vape pens in Windsor.

Cannabis on the go sounds pretty simple, right? Bringing a joint when you are headed out the door doesn’t seem too hard, does it? Well, the thing about the traditional method is that you do need more than just a joint. You also need a lighter and maybe a doob tube to keep your joint in. Smoking a joint is also not always the most discreet; there is smoke, ash, and the smell can linger. Now, I am not going to act like I am sharing some new, unheard-of option, but vape pens may be something you have not thought about before. So let’s dive into some vape pen information to make sure you know all the benefits of the vape pens in Windsor.

Let’s Talk About Vape Pens in Windsor

So when it comes to vape pens there are a ton of options out there, whether it be dry herb, oil or concentrate vapes. Each one has its benefits and we are here today to let you know the basics on each so you can make an educated decision on what is best for you.

Let’s start with oil vapes or 510 as some of you may know them. First things first, an oil vape is probably the most common option out there. Available as disposable or rechargeable, it is an easy and affordable introduction to vaping. Vape pens can come in many different styles, from small cylinder types that look like a pen (maybe that is why they are called vape pens) to compact palm units to larger units. These vaporizers regardless of how different they may look are at their core the same thing. It is an electric battery that heats up a cannabis oil cartridge that produces vapor.

Concentrate vaporizers are usually used to simplify the use of shatter, resin or other forms of cannabis concentrates. These vape pens use either heating coils or ovens to heat up and turn your concentrate of choice into vapor. Using a concentrate vape pen takes away a lot of the work that usually goes into setting up a dab rig and having to use a torch and all the other tools that go along with concentrates.

The last kind of vape pens we are taking a look at, are dry herb vaporizers. The name really speaks for itself; it is a vaporizer that turns your cannabis into vapor. It does this in a similar way that concentrate vaporizers work with either a heating coil or an oven. Cannabis vapor versus smoke does have its differences, vapor tends to be more flavorful and not as harsh of an experience. Not only is it a simple solution vape pens don’t tend to leave a lingering smell the same way smoke does.

What Are the Most Popular Vape Pens in Windsor?

So now that we have a basic understanding of what vape pens are, let’s talk about the most popular options for oils, concentrates and dry herb that are available in Windsor.

For anyone who is interested in oil vapes, Boondom carries a few different options that we have painstakingly researched for you. With so many options on the market, we wanted to make sure we brought you the best vape pens in Windsor. We carry two different styles of “pen” type batteries. The trustworthy Ccell 510 battery is as simple as simple can be. All you have to do is charge your battery twist on the cartridge of your choice and inhale. 

Ccell 510 battery

If you want more precise control of your vaping experience we also carry the Elf 510 variable temp vaporizer. It is very similar to the Ccell but it has a button! The button does have a very good use; it allows you to switch between temperatures so you can customize your vaping experience. 

Elf 510 variable temp vaporizer

As for those who want an oil-based vape but may want to step up their game, we have the Pax Era Life. The big difference with the Pax is that it uses a unique pod system which gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to usage!

G Pen Micro

For concentrate vape pens in Windsor, we absolutely love the G Pen Micro. This tiny and sturdy device has become a favourite pick at Boondom. This small vape pen is easy to use and works well. It uses an oven-type system which in our opinion at Boondom is the better way to go. It is much easier to clean and maintain as opposed to the options that are out there with a coil. It also comes packaged in a great carrying case with all the tools and gear you need to take your concentrates on the go

G Pen Dash

Finally, for dry herb vaporizers, our choice hands down had to go to another G Pen product. When it comes to high-quality vaporizers they really are hard to beat. The G Pen Dash stands out above the competition. With large air intake and a great heating oven, it provides a great vaping experience where you can still get some clouds if that is what you want or you can dial in, choose your temperature and get the best flavour when it comes to vaporizing cannabis.

Next Steps to Buying Vape Pens in Windsor 

I know this all may seem like a lot of information, so for today I think we can all walk away with a new arsenal of information on vape pens in Windsor. Vape pens are a discreet and effective way to use cannabis, no matter what form it takes. Whether it be oil, concentrates, or dry herb, Boondom always tries to bring you the best selection of products which you can always see on our site. It is no different with vaporizers, we know that the cannabis industry can be new and sometimes even intimidating. The best thing you can try and remember is Boondom is always here for you. So if you are interested in vape pens in Essex, pre rolls, dried flower, edibles, or any other cannabis products in Windsor/Essex county stop by and see our friendly staff, you won’t regret it.