Cannabis bud freshness is an area of concern for many customers buying in the legal market. Products need to move from the grower, through the supply chain, to the store, making things more complicated than they used to be. Here are three tips for keeping your bud fresh.

Getting cannabis bud fresh is the most important

1. Ask Your Store How Long the Current Batch Has Been in Store

Starting with fresh product from the store is important. So how do you select the freshest product? It is important to know that with selection comes a sacrifice. Many stores carry almost the entire OCS catalogue. While this may seem like a benefit, it also has a detriment. With more selection means products sit around longer. The longer that products are in store, the less fresh they are. At Boondom, we like to bring in new products regularly to keep things interesting, but not keep them around forever to ensure we are giving customers the freshest product possible. Ask your budtender how long the store has had the case of product you are buying and you may find another choice a better option.

Mason jars are not just for growing plants

2. Invest in Humidity Packs and Mason Jars

You don’t need to be fancy with your cannabis storage to be effective. Once you get your purchase home, it is important that your product is stored properly after opening. The best (and cheapest!) way to do this is with a mason jar and a humidity pack. We sell humidity packs of various sizes, but the 55% or 62% humidity work perfect. Once you open your cannabis put it in a mason jar with one of these packs and your cannabis will be perfectly fresh and flavorful.

Proper Temperature and Light Storage is also Critical

3. Store Cannabis in a Dark, Dry Place

Many of the cannabinoids that produce flavors and effects are effected by light and air. In addition to controlling humidity, keeping your cannabis in a cool, dark, dry place is ideal. This will keep all those beautiful flavors and scents right where they should be – in your weed!