A Raw Rolling Machine

Load it up!

The first step to using your rolling machine is pretty straight forward. Open the machine by lifting the front rolling wheel and letting it slide down the grooves to create a space to load up your herbage. If you use a filter place it in the divot and push it to one end of the machine. Then don’t forget the good stuff and add your ground cannabis to fill the rest of the divot evenly.

Roll baby roll!

Now we are going to close up the rolling machine by bringing the front roller back up the grooves till its nice and tight. Using your thumbs roll towards yourself to help pack the contents in creating the core of your joint.

Paper time!

Its time to take your rolling paper of choice and with the adhesive piece facing you load the rolling paper into the small space in the rolling machine between the two rollers with the adhesive at the top. Now continue to roll the paper in by using your thumbs like you did in the last step until just the glue strip is left out.

Now finish it!

To finish up your joint lick the adhesive and then continue to roll it into the rolling machine and give it a few extra rolls for safety. Once you are confident you have done a good job open up the machine and voila your doobie is ready to go. Now don’t worry if it doesn’t come out perfect the first time, like a things you will get better with practice.

As you can see it is not a hard process to use a rolling machine. At Boondom we always try to have a great selection of products to make your cannabis experience an easy one so if a rolling machine sounds like it could make your sesh that much easier stop by one of our locations to pick one up.

Written By: Devon DeSalliers

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