The older I get the more I realize time sure does fly. As ritualistic as rolling up a joint or packing a bowl can be, I am not going to lie, sometimes I just want a quick, easy answer. Nothing seems to hit the spot like a good pre roll. Pre rolled joints in Windsor are easy to find but choosing the right one can be more challenging. A lot goes into making a good pre roll, so come along with us as we take a dive into the world of the ready-to-go joints. 

What is a Pre Roll? 

So first things first, what is a pre roll? A pre roll is a manufactured cannabis joint that is ready to go. Now you might be thinking to yourself “Duh that is an easy one, the name speaks for itself” and you would be right, but the real thing to consider is not all pre rolls are created the same. Some of the Pre Rolls you will inevitably find around Windsor/Essex are going to be better than others but what makes for a superior smoking experience?

One of the first things to know about pre rolls is that there are a few different ways that they are made. When a mommy weed and a daddy paper love each other very much…..No no no it doesn’t work like that but come on that was funny. The Truth is some Licensed Produces, or L.P’s for short, use machines to manufacture their pre rolls, while others choose to roll their joints by hand. The process of how a pre roll is made is actually pretty important. It can dictate how evenly your joint will burn and no one likes a pre roll that burns all wonky.

Another thing to know about pre rolls in Windsor is that like any other item you are purchasing there are value choices and there are premium choices. Different L.P’s grow different qualities of cannabis so just like buying your favorite buds, some are just better than others. But don’t worry too much about that at Boondom. We really take our time in choosing what products we stand behind at every price point and that includes our pre-rolled joints. 

Finally, the last thing that you should probably know about pre rolls, before we get to some of our favorites, is that pre rolls come in a variety of sizes. Whether it be the actual size of the pre roll or the package size itself there are tons of choices. If you are new to cannabis or have a low tolerance maybe a 0.35g joint is all you need or maybe you want a full 1 gram pre roll for a longer smoke session. Also with pack sizes you can get everything from a single to whole jar of joints.

What Are The Most Popular Pre Rolls in Windsor?

Now that you have a better understanding of the pre rolls you are going to find in the recreational market. You are probably asking yourself where can I get the best pre rolls in Windsor? Well at Boondom we think we did a great job bringing you the best of the best. Let us share some of our most popular choices with you so choosing a pre roll could not be easier.

Sour Kush by Divvy

Boondom - Pre rolls in Windsor Divvy Sour Krush

One of our best sellers in the pre roll section has to be the twelve pack of Sour Kush 0.35g joints from Divvy. These sativa dominant hybrid pre rolls have a strong tangy taste paired with a lemony and piney scent. With each joint being packed to weigh out 0.35 grams these are a great option for personal use and being as potent as they are you may be surprised that you don’t need more. 

Cherry Jam by Wagners

Boondom - Pre rolls in Windsor Wagners Cherry Jam

Another favorite Windsor pre roll is the Cherry Jam from Wagner’s. This hybrid really lives up to its name. The same way a beautiful Jam sweetens up a piece of toast, this pre roll has a wonderful sweet taste with a few earthy undertones. Now don’t worry, earthy undertones does not mean it tastes like dirt, no one wants that. Think of it more like having your toast and jam, the toast has a unique taste but it doesn’t take away from the sweet fruitiness of the jam. These awesome pre-rolls can be purchased in packages of 3 half gram joints. 

Wedding Pie by Back Forty

Boondom - Pre rolls in Windsor Back Forty Wedding Pie

Now last but not least we can’t forget Wedding Pie by Back Forty. This licensed producer is all about making products that fit seamlessly into your day to day. This 10 pack of 0.35 gram pre rolls in a recyclable and resealable carton have become a best selling pre roll in Windsor. This Indica dominant pre roll is a beautiful marriage of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie strains. Now I don’t know about you but those both just sound delicious so giving these easy on the go slim pre rolls is an easy choice.’

Want to Find Out More?

We could go on and on about all the awesome pre rolled joints that you can buy in Windsor and Essex. There are new ones coming to the market every now and then. You had a chance to read about some of the best selling pre rolled joints that we have found so far. At Boondom we try our best to make sure that we bring you the best products and that includes pre rolls. If you want to see our whole selection, check out our entire line up on our online store, or if you’re interested in learning more about buying legal weed in Windsor, or vape pens in Essex, we’re more than happy to answer your questions.  If you are looking for the best pre rolls in Windsor or Essex and the best customer service there is, come to Boondom.