What Is Pre Milled Flower?

If the name does not give it away already pre milled flower is already ground bud that is packaged and ready to use. It should not be confused with shake! Now you may be asking yourself “What is shake?” and that is a great question. Shake is often described as the “left overs” of weed, it is often what falls off of larger buds. Shake is often considered to be sup par, it’s like getting leftovers when your parents go out for dinner without you, it’s okay but never as good as the dinner itself.

Why would I buy Pre Milled Flower?

Now you are probably asking yourself why you should give pre milled flower a try. At the store we have always tried to bring you the best products are the best price points; in doing so we have taken a lot of time and care to bring you amazing products and that includes this pre ground bud. Here are some of the reasons why pre milled flower may be worth giving a try.

An Example of Pre Milled Flower

1. It’s ready to go

For many the process of preparing a joint or a bowl can be almost ritualistic, personally I love breaking up a bud in my grinder and carefully crafting a beautiful joint. But sometimes that process takes a bit. We all know sometime life moves faster than we want. Pre milled flower is perfect for that quick grab. All you have to do is load it into your method of choice whether it is: a bong, pipe, cone, rolling paper or vaporizer.

2. It is good product

At Boondom we have always made it clear that we are here for you. We know our customers and we know you want good products and we do not want to disappoint. Every product that we bring in is carefully selected so we can provide you the best of the best at every level. We have brought in a few different licensed producers who offer pre milled flower. Shred has become a staple in our store offering a few different blends. We have also brought in Steel City Green which has made a really nice Strawberry Cream and Chocolate Mint that are definitely worth a try.

One of our fav Pre Milled Flowers

3. It is great for the price

Because we are local and we are immersed in our community we know that price is important to a lot of our customers. Our selection of pre milled flower all comes in 7 gram bags and is affordable! Some of our 3.5 gram flower are actually more expensive. Any of our customers who have had a chance to try the Shred or Steel City Green keep coming back for more.

If you still have questions or want to give it a try come see us at both Boondom locations and we would be glad to help!

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