While not many strains have the mystery and intrigue of Pink Kush. What makes it so special? Here are our thoughts.

Beautiful Pink Kush Buds

Considered to be the second most sought after strain in Canada, Pink Kush has had a quick and steady rise to fame. This cultivar is easily recognized by its beautiful pink colour and its pleasant aroma which is almost sweet with hints of vanilla. Breaking into the scene in the early 2000’s this Indica dominant hybrid has gone on to be winner of the Canadian Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid in 2017 and Best Indica in 2019. Pink Kush is believed to be a descendant of OG Kush and is very popular across Canada. As a plant it grows short, stout and has a lengthy maturation. It yields a large harvest which helped in its rise to fame as it is easily accessible. The buds of plant boast a array of colors, a thick coating of sticky resin and a beautiful frosty appearance.

One of our faves! Pure Sunfarms!

Being such a popular strain, it has a few names that it goes by including Pink OG, Pink Candy, Pink OG Kush and Pink Cadillac . It is no surprise that this strain has become so well-known. Grown by many licensed produces such as Pure Sunfarms, Flowr, Broken Coast and Top Leaf, you cant see how popular it is. If you are looking to try an iconic strain that is unique and complex keep this flower in mind.

The flavor profile is complex with notes of candy like vanilla, some citrus as well as a hint of spice.

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Written By: Devon DeSalliers