PAX premium vaporizers have been in the game for almost a decade and are an award-winning, innovative, and consumer favorite lineup of loose leaf and extract vaporizers. The name is synonymous with high quality, gold standard design and technology.

The Era remains the standard for all other oil pens
Due to its proprietary system everything just works. No clogs here.
Small and easy to use vape


Headquartered in San Francisco, the original Pax by Ploom was released in 2012. The PAX 2 came out in 2015, and was followed by the PAX 3 in 2016 which also introduced a connected mobile app experience. In June 2017 the company was spun out of JUUL as a separate and independent entity focusing on vaporizers for cannabis and became PAX Labs, Inc. The company expanded into the concentrate scene and released the Era and Era Pro in Canada in 2019 and 2020 respectively.


Released in 2015, the 2 is designed for use with dried flower. The 2 is beautifully sleek, discreet, and boasts a great battery life, 4 temperature settings, average heat time of 45 seconds, and produces a smooth and consistent vapour.


The 3 was released in 2016 and features a dual-use chamber for dry flower and concentrates. 3 has an improved battery life, average heat time of 20 seconds, and a smartphone app to let you further customize your experience.

PAX Era & PAX Era Pro

The Era is a premium extract vaporizer that was released in Canada in 2019 and the Era Pro in 2020. The Era collection uses proprietary pods that are dual wick and leak resistant. This sleek device features no buttons and requires zero heat up time, 4 on-board temperature settings, and is also compatible with the app. Smart pods were introduced with the Era Pro and comes enhanced with pod memory. If you want more details on what pods are available check out our menu


All of the vaporizers have an app compatible with the 3 and the Era collection. The app allows you to choose unique heating profiles, locate your device with PAXFinder, adjust the temperature by single degree increments, receive Low Pod Alerts, and more.
For iOS users, Apple has banned apps related to vaporizing from their store, so PAX released a desktop version of the app available via Google Chrome.

PAX Era Collection vs 510 batteries and cartridges

 ERA & ERA PRO510s
Average draws per 0.5g pod/cart300-500150-200
Temperature settings8+3
Flavour and vapour qualityBestGood
Form FactorSmall, sleek, fits perfect in pockets or palms of your handsLong, pen-like
Battery240 mAH Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (ERA is UL certified)Varies from 150mAH+
HeatingClosed loop heating control, controllable to 1 degreeSingle, pre-selected temperature, can vary by battery
App CompatibilityYes, with the PAX AppNo

Written By: Tempest Johnson