Pax Era or 510?

Many customers wonder, Pax Era or 510? Although we have only been open for 2 weeks, there will be a major shift in our vape selection over the next month. We are going all-in with Pax. Why do we love the Pax Era? Here are our 4 reasons we recommend the Pax above all else.

The Pax Era Doesn’t Break as Much!

In the first two weeks, 16% of all disposable and 510 cartridges we sold came back as returns. Imagine if you bought 7 cheeseburgers and one of those seven cheeseburgers spontaneously combusted. That is the level of issue we are talking about here.

Although I am sure this was just a bad week, the industry standard for 510 failure is 6% whereas failure with a Pax is 1% – or 6x less often than the 510. We like advocating for better quality products, and the Pax definitely offers that.

The Pax Era Pro is the Best Around

The Quality of the Vapor is on Another Level!

I am a self-admitted vape connoisseur. I have tried many of the 510s and a number of Pax pods. The quality of the vapor is just better. The flavor, texture, and temperature are all more consistent.

The Temperature Settings are Exact Regardless of Draw Length

The Pax Era Pro offers 8 different temperatures (very low, low, med-low, medium, med-high, high, higher and highest – yes my naming conventions need work). I prefer to use my vape on a low temperature setting. This allows me to maximize flavor while reducing the amount of smoke. At all temperature settings, the temperature of the vapor is the same at the start, middle, and end of the draw – much better than any 510 I have used. This gives the customer a consistent experience from beginning to end. This is super important as customers use vapes for different reasons and customizing for each is critical.

Their Warranty is Top Notch

Pax offers a one year manufacturer Pax Era warranty. Since they manufacture all of their pods too, at Boondom we offer a return policy on all Pax Era pods as well. This gives customers the peace of mind that if anything breaks, we will take care of them.

For these reasons we are going all in with the Pax Era. If you are looking for more information about Pax Era in Windsor, please visit the Pax website, visit our store or order online for pickup in store.