Is Cannabis Stronger Now? The Increase in Cannabis Potency

With the introduction of the legal cannabis market in Canada in October 2018, many former users have started using cannabis again. What they have found is that their experience has changed. Is cannabis stronger now? One of the common commen {...}

What’s the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

Breaking Down the Misconceptions Between Cannabis Sub-Species In learning about cannabis, customers should know the difference between indica and sativa. Cannabis plant sub-species dictate many of the characteristics of the plant, and customers a {...}

Cannabis in Windsor

Ups, Downs, Starts and Stops of Starting a Cannabis Business It was July of 2019 and the cannabis lottery was in full swing and we had committed to starting a cannabis store in Windsor. My business partner and I were rushing to prepare all of th {...}

Art in Windsor – A Tour Of Street Art and Neighborhoods

Over the last month, we have been touring art in Windsor by Derkz. Below you will find some of his best works, a few hidden gems and some other hot spots in Windsor’s best neighborhoods. Fordcity Mural on Drouillard Location: {...}

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