Boundless Terp Pen – concentrates without bounds!

Concentrates may seem daunting at times, especially to new users in the cannabis market. The process of using concentrates is more involved and can cost a fair amount of money. You need a dab rig, a dab tool, a torch, carb cap and the list goes on. {...}

Boondom is coming to Essex!

Boonies we got some exciting news! Boondom Essex is only 15 days away from opening! Thanks to all of our customers loyal support we have been able to expand our footprint and bring the Boondom difference to Essex, Ontario. On Friday November 26th Bo {...}

Boondom is on Tik Tok!

Not many social platforms have over a billion active users! But do you know who does? Tik Tok does! Boondom is excitied to announce we are hopping on the wagon and making Tik Toks now to share with all of you! Boondom will be making a few different {...}

Boondom is on Youtube!

Just the word Youtube fills my head with thoughts of some of my favorite viral videos. I don’t know a single person who does not at least know one Youtube hit. Well Boondom has thrown our hat into the ring to bring you our own brand of amazing {...}

G Pen Dash – Leave the smoke behind!

It has now been over three years since cannabis use has become legal in Canada! With all that time there has been so many advancements in methodology and how we use cannabis. While there is nothing wrong with the tried and true methods, dry herb vap {...}

3 Accessories to Elevate your Bong Game

There is something so unique about smoking from a bong! Bongs come in so many different shapes, sizes and designs but no matter what style you choose there are some bong accessories that are worthwhile to anyone who enjoys using a water pipe. These {...}

Fall into Autumn in Essex County!

Fall is here, there is no question about it! There is a chill outside, pumpkin spice is in the air and the leaves are changing. For our fellow autumn lovers there is no shortage of fun things to do in Essex County! Going out and being part of the co {...}

Wake up! Best Breakfasts in Windsor!

There is something special about a good breakfast, simple as that. It helps start of the day on the right foot, usually gives you an extra pep in your step (maybe that is just the coffee) and there is something just so comforting about it. Windsor h {...}

Rolling Machines – Let the good times roll!

Rolling a perfect joint can be difficult! While there are those out there who seem to be able to raise the rolling game to an art form, there are also those who are at a complete loss. Fear not my friends there is a solution out there for those who {...}

Chronic Candles – A different kind of burn

As cannabis users most of us know the hassle of that lingering odor that comes along with burning our bud. Some people use sprays, some use incense but here at Boondom we have a bit of a different solution. Chronic Candles is our go to choice when i {...}

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