Weed shops in Windsor are like Tim Hortons, there seems to be one on every corner. But unlike Tim Hortons, every weed store is different. Even though legal cannabis has been around now for over two years it can still be intimidating for those who are new to the scene. 

With so many choices of stores to shop at and products to buy, finding the right Windsor weed store can be challenging. Not all weed shops in Windsor are the same, we truly think Boondom does something special. So join us as we take a moment to discuss legal weed in Windsor and what makes Boondom the best place to shop for legal weed in Windsor!

Legal Weed Is Not Government Weed!

Boondom - Legal Weed Windsor

The first thing to keep in mind when buying legal weed in Windsor is that it is not “government weed” .. We hear this all the time at Boondom and we want to take a minute to clear this up. 

Think of the LCBO, they sell government regulated alcohol but that alcohol is made by tons of different companies. It is the same with marijuana, the government regulates who is licensed to grow and sell legal cannabis. It is not the government that produces the weed that you buy in weed stores. 

However, not all legal weed is created equally. Like anything else weed as value based, premium and craft selections. Weed is a plant and not all plants are as desirable as others, I know bringing home a fresh bouquet of roses always goes over better than if I brought home some dandelions. At Boondom we take our time to make sure we are bringing you the best selection of marijuana in Windsor.

Windsor’s Legal Weed Is Safe!

Buying legal weed is safe! We have all seen or read the news at one point about some crazy person high on drugs doing something they shouldn’t be doing. More often than not the reason stories like these happen is that the product they got is not what they were expecting, it could have been mixed or cut with other substances. No one should be biting off someone’s face or running naked down the freeway. At Boondom we want to keep our customers safe and make their experience with marijuana a good one

How Does Cannabis Become Legal Weed?

Boondom - Legal Weed Windsor

For a cannabis product to make it to the legal weed shops in Windsor or anywhere in Canada it has to be vetted and cleared by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (A.G.C.O) or that province’s governing body. The government holds cannabis producers to high standards of safety and implements rules that must be followed. 

Because of these strict requirements for producing and selling legal, you can rest assured that your product is safe. Do keep in mind that even though legal weed is safe it is still marijuana and if you are new to the industry it is always best to start low and go slow. As safe as it can be it is still up to you the user to make sure you are being smart with your consumption.

Why Would You Choose Boondom As Your Legal Weed Shop In Windsor/Essex County? 

Well as we said before Boondom is no ordinary marijuana dispensary. Our staff is passionate about working in a cool store where you can buy legal weed in Windsor and Essex….for now! So you can rest assured that when you walk through our doors at any of our locations that you will be greeted by a smile (it’s hard to see with the mask but trust me it’s there) and we are going to do our best to help you find the right product for you whether it be pre-rolls, flower, concentrates, vapes or edibles, Boondom has the best of the best. You can check out our online menu to see what we currently have available here. The team works hard to be knowledgeable about the legal weed we sell in our stores and are able to point you in the right direction no matter what you are looking for. 

Come Visit Us For The Best Legal Weed In Windsor!

At the end of the day buying legal cannabis should be fun, your money is going to something that should be enjoyed. I know I personally enjoy buying weed over having to pay bills and honestly who would prefer that? There are so many choices that you have to make on a daily basis and where to buy legal weed in Windsor and Essex should be an easy answer. Shopping at Boondom can make that decision a lot easier. Our customers love us and we love each and every one of you that walks through our doors. 

So in conclusion Boondom is just one of the many places you can shop legal marijuana in Windsor (we think it’s the best but we may be biased). You can check out our full selection online, place your order ahead of time if you are in a rush or stop by any of our locations to experience the Boondom difference. So if you are looking for the best shop in Windsor or Essex for legal weed, check out Boondom!