One of the common comments we hear from customers is that the cannabis available today is very different than what they may have used in their younger years. There has been an increase in potency of almost 14x in since 1995. It is important for customers to know this when purchasing for the first time in maybe a long time.

So what is the customer to do? Here are some tips to manage through the world of stronger cannabis:

cannabis is stronger so start low and go slow

1. Start Low Go Slow

It is important for all customers to follow this mantra, but especially those who have not consumed in a long time. The best comparison I can give is to the first time you ingested alcohol. Not so good? Start low go slow.

2. Select a Cultivar with a Better Balance of THC:CBD

Although many experienced users just purchase highest THC for the dollar, there are many reasons to buy products that are more balanced with CBD. For new customers, this can them manage their THC intake and make sure that they can stay comfortable.

3. Select a Product with Metered Dosing

Vape pens can be a great way to create the experience you want

What is metered dosing you ask? It is the ability to, with each intake unit, accurately predict the amount of intoxicant ingested. At Boondom, we like to recommend vape pens for novice users. Many of the disposable vape pens have indicator lights or other mechanisms to measure dosage. This helps the novice customer to understand how many inhalations is right for them! Some of the best in the biz that integrate this technology are Ace Valley and Dosist.

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