The G Pen Dash

No smoke just vapor

As much as any cannabis user likes their smoke there are certain elements that are not the most favorable for regular use. It is as simple as this when we light up and combust cannabis we are inhaling smoke. One of the things that makes the G Pen Dash a better option is that it actually bakes the cannabis using convection technology so you release all the good stuff with less of the undesirable stuff we can find in smoke.

Great Air Intake

We all love our clouds, there is something about a big exhale and a cloud of smoke or vapor. Now not all vaporizers lead to a nice size cloud, but the G Pen Dash will not leave you disappointed. With large air intakes on both the front and back of the device you can pull a good inhale that is uninhibited by the tiny air holes on some of the other devices.

Adjustable Temp

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of cannabis you may know that cannabis reacts differently under different levels of heat. Using different heats we can control the flavor and amount of vapor we can pull off of every hit. When you pair the fact that the G Pen Dash has three heat settings and is pair with glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber it will provide an excellent quality session every time.

Save your weed

Another great thing about using a dry herb vape is that when we produce vapor you don’t have any real loss from burning your bud. When you light up a joint for example it continues to burn even when you are not taking an inhale meaning you are loosing our precious flower to the wind. Using a G Pen the vapor remains in the chamber until air is pulled through the chamber and into your mouth with each inhale.

As you can see there is a lot of benefits to the G Pen Dash. At Boondom we always try to have a great selection of products to make your cannabis experience an easy and enjoyable one. So if you feel like a dry herb vape could make your session that much easier, stop by one of our locations to pick up a G Pen Dash.

Written By: Devon DeSalliers

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