Indica – Chilling in the North

Indica Leaf

Origin – The indica sub-species of the cannabis plant originated in mountainous regions in Asia like Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan and India

Characteristics – Indica cultivars are shorter and bushier than sativas. They also have a wider leaf that tends to be more deep green.

Effects – Typically lower in THC and higher in CBD, indica cultivars tend to be more relaxing, sedating and are often said to produce a strong “body” high.

Terpene Profile: Myrcene is the most dominant terpene found in indicas, however pinene, linalool and beta – caryophyllene are also common.

Sativa – Desert Adventures

Sativa Leaves

Characteristics – The sativa plant was developed in the arid, desert climates of Central and South America. The plants are tall with slender leaves to help manage heat from these areas. Their green is also closer to emerald than the hunter of their short, busier sibling.

Effects – Sativa cultivars have higher THC to CBD ratios than Indicas. Their effects are also more uplifting, focused and euphoric and often characterized a cerebral or “head” high.

Terpene profile: The terpene profile of sativas tend to lean more towards other plants of arid regions. Although myrcene and pinene remain the most dominant, it is common to find limonene and humulene as secondary terpenes.

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