Chronic Candles will not disappoint!
Some of the amazing scents that are available in store.

First of all they are local!

Time and time again we have stated the importance of supporting local. We truly believe that Windsor/Essex County as so many amazing things to offer and the people here are doing great things! Chronic Candles is a great example of this. Made right here in Windsor by some awesome people Chronic Candles is bringing handcrafted works of art that fill the room with an amazing aroma.

They use real terpenes!

As the cannabis industry grows we are learning more and more about why terpenes are important. They change the smell and the taste of our bud, but what do they do in a candle. Well here is the simple answer, they help produce an incredible smell that reminds us of our favorite strains! Pairing one of Chronic Candles scents with our sessions just seems right. But don’t think they are only good when your in a session, I love burning my candles when I have company coming over or even when I am just chilling reading a book.

They are odor busters!

We have all seen Febreze commercials where they down talk other odor eliminators and say they just mask the smells we don’t want. What if I told you the folks over at Chronic Candles were more than a bunch of pretty faces making candles. These savvy craftspeople have included an enzyme in their candles and melts that break down that pesky lingering odor leaving your space smelling fresh!

The selection is amazing

Everyone has a different sense of taste and smell. Keeping this in mind there is a wide selection of scents available from our friends at chronic candles. It may be one of your favorite strains like Pineapple Express, Maui Wowie or Blue Dream or maybe you want something different like Strawberry Bomb, Grape Soda or their amazing coffee scented candle appropriately named Wake and Bake! There seems to be scent for just about everyone. So next time you stop by one of our locations consider picking up a Chronic Candle, support local business and help bring back main street shopping.

Written By: Devon DeSalliers

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