Some bottles come with droppers while others don’t
Although oils are popular, CBD edibles, beverages and topicals are also common

I Don’t Want to Get High, will CBD Oil Get Me High?

CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid produced by all cannabis plants in some quantity.  Although it is non-intoxicating and not commonly associated with “getting high” this does not mean that CBD is not psychoactive.  For this reason, we always recommend starting low and going slow whenever beginning a CBD regimen.

Why Do All CBD Products Have THC if I Don’t Want to Get High?

All CBD oils will have at least 1MG per ML of THC.  Many customers ask why, and the easy answer is that the two compounds (THC and CBD) work better together.  THC helps CBD do it’s job a little bit better.  It’s like putting a little sugar in your tomato sauce to balance the acidity of the tomatoes!

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Like all oils, the taste is very mild. Some people enjoy the taste as it is a little bit grassy. If taste is a barrier, we offer other products that might be a better way to use CBD like edibles, beverages or topicals. For a better view on the CBD options available visit our menu

If I Can’t ask You Medical Questions Where Can I Go?

This is a common concern among both customers and store owners alike.  Due to the regulations, cannabis store staff can not answer many questions about the medical use of cannabis (nor should we, we aren’t medical professionals!)  What most people don’t know is that all Ontario pharmacists were mandated to have medical cannabis training in 2020.  I would recommend that any customer embarking on a CBD regime discuss this with their pharmacist to ensure there are no potential drug interactions to be concerned about.

Written By: Simon Reid (Owner of Boondom)

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