When it comes down to a nice beverage to enjoy, it is hard to beat a nicely steeped tea. Wether it be at the end of a long day or a nice way to just start your morning off there seems to be a tea for almost every occasion. Now what if I told you there where teas infused with cannabis? Just like a regular tea a cannabis tea can pair well with different occasions. Here at Boondom we have done our best to bring you a few of our favorite teas.

A Heavenly Haven

1. Rise by Haven St.

Some people live by a morning coffee others by a nice warm tea. Haven St. understands this concept and has made a wonderful cannabis tea called Rise Number 550. This Citrus Berry Tea brews when added to warm water and left to steep for 3-5 minutes. When it is done it is a beautiful purple color. Each tea contains 10mg of THC and is sold as an individual packet.

Like an Arnold Palmer but better!

2. Lemonade Ice Tea by Summit

This summer has been a hot one and nothing seems to beat the heat like a nice cold drink. Well what if we took two summertime favorites, mixed them together and infused them with cannabis? That is exactly what the Lemonade Ice Tea by Summit is. While not your typical cannabis tea it has become a fan favorite due to it’s 10mg infusion and lightly sweet yet refreshing taste. If a nice cold drink sounds good to you be sure to check these ones out and don’t wait they go quickly.

A Beautiful Vibrant Blend

3. Happy Hibiscus Mate Tea by TGOD

If you are interested in trying a cannabis tea but feel that 10mg may be too high of a dose maybe the Happy Hibiscus Mate Tea by TGOD is right for you! Unlike the Rise Tea this cannabis tea comes in a pack of two tea bags each having a dosage of 5mg. This tea boasts flavors of hibiscus, cacao, orange peel and turmeric and has a beautiful cherry red color when steeped.