Are you a long-time cannabis user? Are you noticing that you may not get the same effect you used to? Many customers who are long-time cannabis users eventually hit a wall. They find that they need to increase potency in order to get the effects that they desire. Increasing Potency can be a challenge but Boondom is here for you with all the info you need on cannabis concentrates in Windsor. Join us as we look into everything you need to know!

Devon DeSalliers, Social Media and Marketing Manager

Let’s Learn About Cannabis Concentrates

What Exactly Are Cannabis Concentrates?

So let’s start with the basics. What exactly is a Cannabis Concentrate? To keep it super simple it is the product of distilling down the best parts of the marijuana plant. Concentrates contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes without all the extra plant material. So basically we are giving you the best stuff in a smaller and highly condensed product that really packs a punch. Whether it be; shatter, rosin, diamonds, resin, hash, distillate or wax to name a few you can be sure that these powerhouses are here for a reason. At Boondom we have a continuously growing selection to bring you the best cannabis concentrates in Windsor.

How Do I Use Cannabis Concentrates?

When it comes to using the best cannabis concentrates in Windsor there is more of a process than just “lighting up”. Burning most concentrates is not ideal, rather we want to vaporise them. Certain concentrates like hash or kief can be added to a joint or bowl to increase the potency of your flower, most concentrates are better off being turned into vapour. Vaporising can come in many different methods. Using a dab rig which in turn is a fancy bong with a quartz or titanium “bowl” which is called a banger is the most common method. By heating up the banger with a butane torch and dropping your concentrate in, it will very quickly turn to vapour allowing for a quick and potent hit. However, if you are looking for a simple and discreet option there are also vape pens that are made to work with concentrates like the G Pen Micro that we carry at Boondom.

How to Select Your Cannabis Concentrates?

Like everything else in the cannabis world, selecting your preferred concentrate is really a personal choice. Whether you are choosing based on price or potency or even method of using them there is really no wrong choice. Some people love dab rigs, while others prefer the discreteness of a vape pen. Just like cannabis users are all unique, you will find that there are enough cannabis concentrates in Windsor that you can surely find the one that is right for you. If you are unsure about where to start the best thing to do is to ask your budtender. We are all pretty knowledgeable and love sharing our information and experience. 

Most Popular Cannabis Concentrates in Windsor

Here are the most popular cannabis concentrates in Windsor that we carry at Boondom.


Kief is the beginner’s cannabis concentrate. Many customers enjoy kief because it has the same flavour profile as its strain of weed. This can help you add more of the same flavour or you can get creative and add new flavours to your experience. Because of its powdery texture, it is very easy to use. Top a bowl, sprinkle in a joint, or use it on its own in a pipe, bong or vape! 


The old school king of concentrates. There are many reasons why hash is so popular. First, it’s a solventless extract, meaning it’s nothing but plant goodies. Secondly, it has a little stronger flavour than cannabis. Lastly, like kief, it is just as versatile. Add it to a joint or bowl or use it on its own. At this point hash is probably the most popular cannabis concentrate in Windsor because of its old school appeal and versatility.


Rosin is likely going to be the future king of concentrates in Windsor! With a superior flavour and higher potency, it is easy to see why it is growing in popularity. First, it’s all plant goodness. Imagine your cannabis getting smashed into a sappy oblivion. That is rosin. Contrary to popular opinion, you can add it to a joint or bowl, but if you want the best experience the preferred method of consumption is dabbing. Dabbing rosin unlocks so much flavour through rosin’s intense terpene content so if you are looking for the extreme rosin is the answer.

We Are Just About Done but Don’t Stop Concentrating Yet!

Well did we pique your interest? Are cannabis concentrates making a bit more sense? I hope so, but if you still have questions or want to learn even more about cannabis concentrates in Windsor or how to use them, Boondom’s budtenders are always here for you. To see our full and growing selection of concentrates check out our online menu and shop online, when you are ready to step up your cannabis potency come to Boondom for the best cannabis concentrates in Windsor!