Many customers who are long time cannabis users eventually his a wall. They find that they need to increase potency in order to get the effects that they desire. Which cannabis concentrate is best though? Here are our three concentrates to up your potency.

Cannabis concentrates can be a great way to up your potency

1. Kief

Kief is the beginners cannabis concentrate. Kief is better known as crystal and are the trichomes from the plant. They range in THC potency, but consistently products measure 30%+ THC. Many customers enjoy kief because it mirrors the flavor profile of the strain. This can help you add more of the same flavor or you can get chef’y with it and add complimentary flavors. Also given its powdery texture, it is very easy to use! Top a bowl, sprinkle in a joint, our use it on it’s own in a pipe, bong or vape! The applications are ENDLESS!

2. Hash

There is a reason why old school stoners can’t get enough of hash. First, it’s a solventless extract, meaning it’s nothing but plant goodies. Concentrated often through ice water filtration, this concentrate is all cannabis. Secondly, it has a little stronger flavor than cannabis. It has a characteristic tar flavor to accentuate the natural flavors of the plant. Lastly, like kief, it is just as versatile. Add it to a joint or bowl or use it on it’s own. It’s all good. For more on hash, check out our online menu.

3. Rosin

Rosin is the undisputed king of concentrates! With a superior flavor and higher potency, we could write many articles about our passion for rosin, but here is the Cole’s notes. First, it’s all plant goodness. Imagine your cannabis getting smashed into a sappy oblivion. That is rosin. Contrary to popular opinion, you can add it to a joint or bowl, but the preferred method of consumption is dabbing. If you want to increase your potency and your flavors, dabbing rosin is your jam.