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Chocolate! Just that one word alone almost makes me want to go to the store and buy some. It seems to be almost universally loved by most people, but what if I told you that your favourite sweet treat could also get you high? Cannabis chocolates are one of the delectable desserts you can find at most cannabis stores in Windsor-Essex county. Edibles can be a little scary to someone who may have never tried one or even to those who may have tried one from the legacy market before places like Boondom opened their doors. Well, worry not my canna-curious friends. We are here to make your experience buying cannabis chocolates in Windsor as easy as possible.

What You Need to Know About Cannabis Chocolates

Let’s unwrap some sweet information!

The first thing we need to understand when talking about weed chocolate that you can buy in Windsor-Essex county is that they are a safe convenient option when it comes to edibles. Currently, in the legal cannabis market for Ontario, each package of edibles can contain no more than 10mg of THC. When it comes to CBD however there is not such a strict capacity limit but CBD is not impairing the same way THC is. So if anyone has had a bad experience with homemade edibles you have no need to worry. Using legal edibles you can rest easy knowing that they are evenly and consistently dosed.

The cannabis chocolates that are available on the market in Windsor are not only safe but they are tasty too!

I know in the past I personally have had edibles that all you can taste is the weed and yes it is nice to know it is there but honestly it does not have the most pleasant taste. Well, I can speak with some pretty high level of certainty that there are a lot of really good-tasting weed chocolates available.

The way cannabis chocolates are made can seem complicated but in reality, it is pretty simple.

Without going too deep into the fine print which I am sure I could talk your ear off and have you sit and stare at the screen forever I will keep it short and sweet (no pun intended). Using a cannabis extract that contains either THC, CBD or a bit of both is mixed with a fat which helps bind it to the edible. The fat used is usually butter or oil, like coconut oil for example. They are precisely dosed and packaged to make for an easy and worry-free experience.

What Are the Best Cannabis Chocolates in Windsor?

Let’s get to the fun stuff!

Now that we know the basics when it comes to cannabis chocolates, here comes the best part. I get to share some of what I believe are the best Cannabis chocolates in Windsor-Essex county. Personally, I have a pretty big sweet tooth so writing this blog has been a ton of fun so let’s get to it.

So the first one of our favourites and a great seller at Boondom is the Bhang Milk Chocolate. This was one of the first edibles we brought into the store. I personally love this because for anyone who comes looking for an easy edible or is new to the cannabis market. This small piece of chocolate is divided into four pieces so if you are a little nervous you can break it into smaller pieces. Another great thing about having the chocolate scored into 4 sections is that it is perfect for microdosing. Bhang does make several options when it comes to their chocolates ranging from milk to dark and having different levels of THC and CBD.

Another favourite is the S’mores chocolate by Back Forty. Back Forty has been an excellent producer of all things cannabis for Boondom and this treat is no exception. First of all, it looks about as Canadian as it can be which is just a fun little added bonus but when it comes to taste it really is like eating a s’more. It brings back fun memories of sitting by a campfire and enjoying a summer night with the added bonus of being infused with cannabis.

Finally my personal favourite! A Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup made by Halftime. Now anyone who knows me knows I am a chocolate and peanut butter addict. This edible is absolutely perfect for me. Delicious milk chocolate wrapped around smooth creamy peanut butter is hard to beat and when you add some THC into the mix it is really a match made in heaven. Every time I have seen these come in stock at any store they seem to fly off the shelf and honestly I understand why.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Want to Find Out Where to Buy Cannabis Chocolates in Windsor?

After writing this blog I don’t know about you but I really want a piece of chocolate. With so many choices of cannabis chocolates in Windsor and the surrounding area it can be hard to pick the right one but the bright side is you now have a few recommendations and they are not going to cost anyone an arm and a leg. Weed chocolates are a fun and easy way to enjoy yourself and experience cannabis in a safe and controlled way. So if you are thinking about trying one out, stop by any Boondom location or place an order online to see for yourself how great cannabis chocolates in Windsor-Essex can be. We offer a great selection of cannabis products including vape pens, pre-rolls, and more! We’d love to give you our favourite recommendations, stop by and ask!