1. Boondom is Local and Supports Local

Our store was born out of a simple idea – the cannabis industry is a huge opportunity to build a business and big city fat cats should not be the ones reaping all of those rewards. Since the launch of the business, we have continued to put money back into pockets of local businesses and charities. We worked with Mike Difazio Reclaimed Artistry again to build our display cabinets. This time we worked with another amazing artist Shane Wright to graffiti our sales floor, and many others. Also, we have continued to commit ourselves to charities and we have continued our popular Community Spotlights.

2. Boondom Believes in Keeping Jobs in Windsor

“Build and grow a weed dispensary in Windsor providing opportunities for local people to build a career”. That was our mission! But now we are not just focused on a single Windsor Dispensary we want to build out the Boonie Union. We have stayed true to our mission and have continued to help our neighbors find not only jobs but careers. Two of our original hires have moved up the ranks. We are sure by now most customers know Daren and Devon, the old school and new school cannabis connoisseurs. Both been promoted! Daren is now the Store Manager for Boondom West and Devon is our Social Media and Marketing Manager. We meant it when we said it that we wanted to keep jobs in Windsor

3. Boondom Curates The Best Products

We are definetly not your big box chain stores. Boondom has never carried the biggest selection, we stayed true to our philosophy- offer the best products we can at every price point. At Boondom, you won’t buy $50 flower that really should cost $30. In the cannabis business less is more. We have and will continue to find our customers those great products you have come to know us for. To get more details on our selection, check our our menu.

4. We Have The Best Customer Service

We knew we where being bold when we said this back in April but reviews don’t lie! Our five star reviews are not generic reviews, they are passionate testimonials from fellow Boonies! Our mantra – we take care of our own – is a rally cry for our customer service experience! It is something we are dedicated to and will continue to strive for at all of our locations.

5. We Told You We Were Just Getting Started

Back in April we had a similar blog post and we told you we had a mission. We asked the people of Windsor-Essex, our home, to come on a journey – to help build a home town success story. Well thanks to all your support we have been able to expand and open Boondom West! So from all the staff at Boondom we say thank you and stay tuned we are not done yet!

Written By: Devon DeSalliers

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