Fall down the Youtube Rabbit Hole with Us!

Boondom as always been about a few key ideas; bring the best selection of cannabis at the best prices to our customers, provide an amazing customer service experience and be the source of all things local! Now that we are on Youtube we can “be the source of all things local” on a much better scale! The reason we are doing this is, like most of you we are from Windsor-Essex County and we love it. My whole life I heard a lot of B.S. about why Windsor sucks or there is nothing to do here. Well enough is enough, Boondom knows that Windsor-Essex has a lot to offer in so many ways. We have some of the most hard working, creative and dedicated people living in our own backyard. Youtube gives us a chance to do longer Community Spotlights and show off the best that we have to offer.

Join us on our Youtube every Saturday as we share our Community Spotlight. A series of videos showing off local businesses, craftspeople and charitable organizations that you may not have heard of before! When you are on our page, if you have not had a chance yet please consider dropping a comment on a video (we do read them), give the video a like and please subscribe to stay in the know with all things Boondom and all things local.

Written By: Devon DeSalliers

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