Many strains or cultivars are classics. Few are as classic as Blue Dream, however. What makes it so special? Here are our thoughts.

Beautiful Frosty Buds

Blue Dream is a familiar cultivar, originating from the renowned Blueberry and Haze strains. One of our favorites is from Tantalus Labs. These hand-harvested flowers (buds) are cultivated in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. They are organic, sun-grown, pesticide-free, and sustainably produced with rainwater. Since they have a long flowering timeline. They have a maximum scent, terpene profile, and well-developed trichome density ensuring the expected fruity taste. More importantly, these are the differences that really set Tantalus’ version apart from other similarly priced options.

Blueberry, pine and citrus notes typical

So, when opening the container, you will be met with a beautiful aroma of sweet berry. Like fresh-picked blueberries due to the combination of Myrcene and Pinene terpenes with a subtle citrus and spice note.

In conclusion, the flavour profile combines sweet blueberries, tangy citrus, with hints of earthiness & pine.

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Written By: Daren Adam

IG: cannabian_wanderer

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