Chimney cone + ice cream = awesome!

Walkerville and Chill

Ever have the munchies so hard you created a new food. Oh yes these concoctions are the things of restaurant lore! This is how I imagine Walkerville and Chill was created. The owners were trying to manage a munchie attack and thought, “I don’t want no cone on this ice cream! I need a pastry vessel!” Also known as the Kürtöskalács (I don’t know how to say that) this Hungarian tradition has made its way to Windsor. Traditionally covered in sugar and cinnamon, Walkerville and Chill provides you with a myriad of heart skipping coatings. On their own they are delicious, but filled with your favorite ice cream sundae? Oh snap! If you are looking for not just one of the best dessert places in the city, but also one of the best food combinations in the city, check them out!

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