No need to trample anyone for these deals

Boondom as always loved being the Windsor Cannabis store that does something a little different. So even the products we choose to carry in store are a little more unique than some of the finds at other dispensaries in the area. We have carefully curated an awesome selection of products that you can give as a gift that will hopefully getting those big holiday reactions to getting an amazing gift.

Our first awesome gift idea is the Regal Cigar. This beautiful handcrafted wooden pipe is an excellent Canadian made product from Edmonton, Alberta. Available in a variety of different woods, the Regal Cigar is a conversation starter for sure! Ask our friend Jerry who works at our Wyandotte location, he absolutely loves this piece and has a lot to say about them. If you can’t make it to see Jerry do not worry, we have the regal cigar stocked at all three of our locations

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