1. Boondom is Local and Supports Local

Our store was born out of a simple idea – the cannabis industry is a huge opportunity to build a business and big city fat cats should not be the ones reaping all of those rewards. Since the launch of the business, we have put over $100k back into pockets of local businesses and charities. We worked with Mike Difazio Reclaimed Artistry to build our display cabinets, Derkz to graffiti our sales floor, Southpoint Printing to create our signage and many others. Also, we have raised thousands of dollars for local charities like Trans Wellness Ontario and Windsor Street Help. We aren’t just locally owned and operated, we are Windsor.

2. Boondom Believes in Keeping Jobs in Windsor

Most of the stores in Windsor are actually franchises. What this means is that the opportunity for ongoing development of staff is non-existent. How many gainful employment opportunities does Burger King offer? Our plans have been clear from the beginning – build and grow a weed dispensary in Windsor providing opportunities for local people to build a career.

3. Boondom Curates The Best Products

The cannabis industry is brand new with new products launching almost weekly. This can make it difficult for customers to understand which brands deliver the goods. Boondom will never carry the biggest selection because our philosophy is simple – offer the best products we can at every price point. At Boondom, you won’t buy $50 flower that really should cost $30. In the cannabis business less is more. For more details on our products, check our menu.

4. We Have The Best Customer Service

This is a pretty bold statement, but it’s true. Look at our reviews! Our five star reviews are not generic reviews, they are passionate testimonials from fellow Boonies! Our mantra – we take care of our own – is a rally cry for our customer service experience!

5. We are Just Getting Started

Although we have one store now, this will not be the case forever. We ask the people of Windsor-Essex, our home, to come on a journey – to help build a home town success story. A story where we can all look back, as fellow members of the Boonie Union, and see what a community can build and how an industry can support our town if it supports us.

Find about more about buying legal weed in Windsor and check us out!

Written By: Simon Reid

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