Many people get hung up on fancy things. Custom glass is all the rage, but really, do you need a $4000 bong that looks like a dragon? There are many, much less expensive, options that will help elevate your flower experience. Here are 3 weed accessories that are a must to have always on hand.

The King Palm is truly the king of wraps

1. King Palm

The king palm is truly the king of wraps. If you are looking for weed accessories to take your typical Raw into another dimension, this is it. It starts with an all natural leaf wrap that lends just a slight herbaceous flavor. Next is the corn husk filter that cools the smoke ever so slightly and then, just the look of it! If you are looking to take your joint game to another level, the King Palm is a nice splurge. Be forewarned though, you may never go back to a standard paper again! Just ask your fellow Boonies!

Humidity Packs are a must for storage

2. Humidity Packs

Have you ever opened you bag and though it to be a little dry? It happens, but there is a solution! Toss a humidity pack into a mason jar with your flower. In 24 hours or less, it will be back to its previous glory!

Tired of your screen falling out? Voila!

3. Permanent Screens

Tired of your screen falling out when you clean out your bowl? Tired of getting soot or flower in your mouth? Permanent screens are the solution to your issue. With a simple clip into your bowl, this screen is super sturdy and can be cleaned easily with a quick soak in iso alcohol.