Do you beleive that the right cannabis accessories can help improve the experience? Are you a self titled cannabis connoisseur? If you are you probably care about the accessories you buy and use quite a bit. We have put a list together of some of the essentail cannabis accessories that the staff at Boondom absolutely love. Here are our top 3 recommendations to elevate your collection to the next level.

There is a lot of Bzz around this stash box

1. Bzz Box

Have you heard the buzz about Bzz Box. Having a secure and stylish way to store your bud is a great way to class up your stash. Made out of sustainably sourced bambo it is a durable and classy looking box that easily fits into most peoples decor. Fitted with a customizable combination lock it is also a great way to protect your bud. It doesnt stop at style and security the Bzz Box is full of useful features like the built in rolling tray and the three glass containers with chalkboards and a chalk marker to label your stash. Not only is it super practical to but the people over at Bzz Box donate a protion of the proceeds from every box sold to help repopulate bees. This is really a product that is as sweet as honey.

No more bent joints with the Paq Case

2. Premium Joint Container

Are you always on the go? With our premium joint container you will never have to worry about that session on the go. Each case holds up to five rollies and fits perfectly in your pocket or bag. The container is made out of plastic and has an air and water tight seal; which is awesome to keep that dank bud smell hidden away. If you dont finish a full joint it has a hidden compartment for your roach. Say goodbye to zip lock baggies or putting a joint loose in your wallet and say hello to a more premium option.

A good grinder is your best bud.

3. Piranha Grinder

Having evenly busted bud is important and the best way to ensure an even grind is to have a great grinder. Like a school of Piranhas can shred its pray in seconds so can the Piranha Grinder with your flower. This aluminium grinder has a magnetic top, sharp teeth and a deep compartment to hold your cannabis. With a grinder like this there is no more need for scissors or breaking up the buds with your fingers. Let Piranha do the work for you!