There is something so unique about smoking from a bong! Bongs come in so many different shapes, sizes and designs but no matter what style you choose there are some bong accessories that are worthwhile to anyone who enjoys using a water pipe. These three accessories are not only going to elevate your overall experience using your favorite glassware, they are also budget friendly and easy to use.

The King Palm is truly the king of wraps

1. Hemp Wick

Have you used a Hemp Wick yet? Well here is the deal, using lighters changes the taste of your hit. Adding butane or other lighter fluids while you are lighting up takes away for the flavor of your cannabis. Hemp wick is a beeswax coated hemp string that is a great way to light your bowl without getting those harsh chemicals from a lighter in your bud. If you are a cannabis connoisseur or just want to up your experience it is definitely worth a try!

Humidity Packs are a must for storage

2. Buddyz Glass Scrubber

Keeping your glass clean is super important, it makes sure you get the best experience every time. But not only does it keep your experience top notch, no one wants to see dirty, resinous glass! YUCK! When resin and junk build up and your standard bong cleaner just doesn’t seem to cut it try a Buddyz Glass Scrubber. Simply drop the smaller magnetic scrubber into your piece and using the magnetic handle scrub away that nasty build up in no time.

Tired of your screen falling out? Voila!

3. Permanent Screens

Tired of your screen falling out when you clean out your bowl? No one likes getting ash or weed sucked into their bong water. Well now that we have Permanent screens there is a solution to your issue. With a simple clip into your bowl, this screen is super sturdy and can be cleaned easily with any bong cleaner without having to be removed from your bowl. No more fuss or muss with screens that fall out or having to dig through your ash tray to find your screen.