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Pre rolled Joints – Here are Our Top 3 Brands Right Now

Pre rolled joints are quickly becoming a stable in basket of regular cannabis users. Whether you can’t roll your own or you are just looking for a more convenient option, pre-rolls can be a great choice! For many customers, this product forma {...}

What is CBD and Why is it Such a Big Deal?

In the US, CBD has become all the rage. Products containing CBD are now listed at major pharmacies across the country and at health food stores as well. It can be found in healthy snacks, beverages, gum and even toothpicks! So, what is CBD, and wh {...}

Cannabis Concentrate – 3 Concentrates to Up Your Potency

Many customers who are long time cannabis users eventually his a wall. They find that they need to increase potency in order to get the effects that they desire. Which cannabis concentrate is best though? Here are our three concentrates to up your {...}

3 Weed Accessories Under $20 to Raise Your Flower Game

Many people get hung up on fancy things. Custom glass is all the rage, but really, do you need a $4000 bong that looks like a dragon? There are many, much less expensive, options that will help elevate your flower experience. Here are 3 weed acces {...}

Vape Windsor – 4 Reasons a Vape Might Be for You

Vaping in Windsor and all cities is becoming popular. It is one of the fastest growing forms of cannabis consumption, but for many customers, this is all new. Why is vaping in Windsor becoming so popular? Who would it best suit? Here are 4 reasons {...}

Weed Dispensary Windsor – 5 Reasons to Shop at Boondom

If you are looking for a weed dispensary in Windsor, how are you supposed to choose? There are so many options in Windsor now that it is mind boggling! Contrary to popular opinion, there are differences and these differences matter! Here are 5 rea {...}

Pax Labs – A Brief History of the Best Vape Brand

PAX premium vaporizers have been in the game for almost a decade and are an award-winning, innovative, and consumer favorite lineup of loose leaf and extract vaporizers. The name is synonymous with high quality, gold standard design and technology. {...}

CBD Oil – What You Need to Know

CBD oil is a hot commodity these days.  Many customers come to the store to ask any number of questions and many have very valid concerns.  Here are a few of the common questions that we get and our answers. Some bottles come with dropper {...}

Cannabis Beverages – The New Frontier

One of the newest form factors in the cannabis industry are beverages. Unlike many other edible options, beverages are a great way for both experienced and less experienced cannabis users to change their consumption methods. Quick dissolvi {...}

Edibles – Who Should Use Them and Why

Are you new to Cannabis? Is smoking just not for you? Do you want to experience the effects of cannabis in a different way? There are solutions for you! Edibles are foods, drinks and ingredients that are infused with THC, CBD or both. From chocolate {...}