Pre rolled joints are quickly becoming a stable in basket of regular cannabis users. Whether you can’t roll your own or you are just looking for a more convenient option, pre-rolls can be a great choice! For many customers, this product format is new, so they don’t know what to buy. Well here are our top brands.

The Redecan Redees are still the undisputed king of pre rolled joints
Want a classic pre rolled joint experience? Station House is the answer.
One of the best values in the store!

1. Redecan Redees

There are some products in the cannabis industry that were true innovations that everyone has been trying to catch from the jump. The Redecan Redees are one of those products. With several different strain options, these 0.3g pre rolled joints are machine rolled with a little filter. For a solo consumer, or sharing in COVID world, these little pinners were really ahead of their time and continue to be the most popular choice in our store and across the province.

2. Station House

For everything that the Redees are not, Station House is. Still want a pack? Yes! Want a larger pre rolled joint? Yes! Want a traditional cone rather than a machine rolled product? Yes! Station House is the answer. If you are looking for classic strains in a classic format in a pack Station House is your go to.

3. Citizen Stash

There are some companies that provide ridiculous value, and at Boondom we are always looking to provide just that. It’s like thinking you found a nickel when it’s actually a quarter! Citizen Stash is doing that with their pre-rolls. If you are looking for a flavorful, potent pre-roll experience on a budget, this $50-$60 eighth can be purchased as a pre-roll for a fraction of the flower price. For more details on our pre roll availability check out our online menu

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